The service has been an impact because I can now stay in my house. Without them, I would have to go to a nursing home. Me being at home is important to me

— Sandy H- Receiver

The whole agency had a heart and showed compassion. I would tell a friend that Seniors Helping Seniors is my number one choice for care

— Joe S- Receiver

The services give me peace of mind that someone is checking in on my mom. My mom enjoys having company a couple times a week

— Betsy W-Daughter

The minute Seniors Helping Seniors' representative met my mother, she told me she had someone in mind for her, and that caregiver has been great. My mother enjoys the caregiver because they are the same age and have similar interests. She enjoys the caregiver so much that we even added an additional day to her schedule

— Amy D-Daughter

Seniors Helping Seniors has been lifesaving. The caregivers perform all the services that they are supposed to

— Woody S- Receiver

On behalf of me and my mom I want to thank you for coming to our rescue when mom fractured her pelvis. Your flexibility, attention to my mom’s needs and immediate help was in valuable.

— April B- Daughter

To sum it all up, he comes in and says what are we doing today. He thinks. He doesn't just come in and sit down. He's always suggesting things and asking questions. He's very thorough. He pretty much knows my needs. He's in no hurry to leave, but he doesn't overstay his welcome. It has changed my opinion of this kind of thing because I've never needed it for anything in my life because I'm very independent

— Norman K- Receiver

They were a huge help with my mom. We probably should have started with them sooner.

— Lydia W- Daughter

I would tell a friend that they do whatever has to be done. I have had them for so long that they don't have to ask me what to do, they are just nonstop.

— Jane K- Receiver

I chose Seniors Helping Seniors because we had some other providers previously who didn't have much in common with my loved one. I like that the caregivers from Seniors Helping Seniors seem to be more in tune with my loved one.

— Tom D- Son

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